Bailey’s a Senior!

Can I just start with, “OMG Bailey is a Senior already!” Bailey Is my oldest nephew, and when I first met this kid, he was eight and had the coolest mohawk I have ever seen. He is now 17 and a senior. If I am feeling this nostalgic I can’t imagine how my sister-in-law feels. Bailey you have grown to be a wonderful young man and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. I am so blessed and happy yo be part of capturing this moment of your life!

Brad’s senior pics – rainy start with a sunny finish

I haven’t done a senior portrait session in a very long time, so I was super stoked to  get a few lined up for this fall! I Love Senior Portraits!

Brad is the son of our friends, Anne and Dusty. I was so excited when Anne connected with me for senior pics for her son Brad. The day of shooting started of super rainy. I actually was nervous I was going to have to reschedule. But the rain started to clear and slowly the day turned from overcast to sunny, hot and humid! With the assistance of Dusty(Dad) holding the reflector and Brad being an awesome senior, I could not be happier with how these portraits turned out. It’s sessions like these where when I hear back from a client that they were so happy that they had tears of joy in their eyes, it tells me I am doing something right. What a blessing to have the opportunity to document a milestone in Brad’s life and capture this moment forever for his parents.

When families come together

I had the privilege of photographing a wonderful family of children a few weeks back. Two kids coming from dad, two from mom and baby girl between them both just turning one, It felt like a modern day Brady Bunch and it was awesome! These Kids I tell ya, were the most helpful and eager photo subjects. All four of the older kids were just amazing, not only working with one another, but helping with their baby sister. And boy she was a pistol full of energy and so fun to photograph. I had such a wonderful time with this family, and it was even more awesome to meet these wonderful kids and document this moment in there lives with one another.

My brother and his family

I cannot even begin to tell you the excitement that consumed me when I got to photography my older brother and his family. Many don’t know but he had been living in Guatemala with his wife and son up until June of this summer. As a photographer not being there for their engagements, wedding, Eliseo’s birth, maternity pics, I mean it was torture! One of the things I love the most is capturing these moments for my family and  being so far away from them was hard. After one weekend of getting rained out we finally made it outside and I was finally able to capture these precious moments of my brother, his wife Keely, and my amazingly adorable nephew Eliseo. I love you all to bits and so happy I got to capture this moment in your life for you!

These boys of mine

About a month and a half ago I finally was able to get my boys dressed and a few photos taken. You would think as a photographer I would have just gobs of photos of my own kids….I don’t. I am so focused on my clients I hardly get to go out and take them of my boys! My oldest was in prime form and I was lucky I got just a few of him with his baby brother. However I was able to capture 6 month pics of my little baby boy (Yes he was 6 months here. He is huge!) So I am happy to finally share my boys with you.







Meet Baby Beckam

All I can say is I am one of the happiest aunties out there. I have been bless with so many new nephews and a niece lately!  My sister in law Brittany recently had her second baby, and he is the teeniest sweetest little baby. I love that I have been part of capturing so many moments in Brittany and Travis’ life from first baby to second and everything in between for these two. With Newborns it always takes a little extra time but being able to capture these first precious moments of a tiny person’s life is literally the best thing ever. I Love it!


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The Epley Family

The last few years I have been photographing my former co-worker and her family. it’s been so much fun watching them grow from a family of 3 to a family of 4 and seeing that transition through family photographs. Seeing how big their kids grow each time I see her has bee such a treat and blessing, and is one of the main reasons I love doing this type of work. We had a ton of fun exploring in the woods of their backyard, and setting up the Teepee for some pretend fun. Enjoy!



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Baby Vera is Here!

I love seeing new born babies and even more I love to capture sweet moments of these tiny human being joining us in this life. I had the privilege of a few months before, capturing Vera’s mommy and daddy in there maternity session, and I was thrilled to be able to capture these sweet moments of baby Vera finally here finally here. Welcome baby Vera!









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The Jarkow and Miss Scarlett, the blue-eyed baby

A few weeks back had the pleasure of photographing the Jarkow family. The baby girl Scarlett is the sweetest baby girl with the biggest bright blue eyes. she was just the best baby I have photographed thus far with her smiles and giggles she was just too much fun. It was a beautiful summer evening with beautiful light and a beautiful family. Thank you so much Jarkow’s for letting me a part of capturing your wonderful family moments


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Brittany’s having a baby

Brittany is my sister-in-law, and soon she will be having her second child and we will be having a new little nephew added into our already fairly large family. we are all incredibly excited to see this little guy. I have been taking photos of major milestones for Brit and her family for quite some time, and I was so happy to be able to capture some amazing family moments and also to capture a few of just Brit. I cannot wait to be an auntie again, and had so much fun with this shoot.











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