Vera is One!

OK first off I cannot believe this little cutie is one already! If you look back I posted her Newborn photos what felt like just yesterday, and now she is one! For Vera’s photos it was really one of those perfect midwest summer evenings (minus the bugs) but the sun was shining and you get that dusky glory pretty sunlight that just makes everything magical. We found this seriously magical little spot in the woods near their home to set everything up, and we just had a blast. Vera’s daddy Neal had the magic touch to make her giggle and smile, while Vera’s mommy, Natalie, worked so hard to help create this amazing set up and bring the most beautiful cake for her to eat and smash. I will say I rarely see little ones dive intake like that, but miss Vera had too much fun eating her cake. I had too much fun photographing this session and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

The Feltes Family

About a month ago I was asked to photograph my friend Christina and her families photos. This actually all stemmed from her original request of a few headshot she needed for her Arbonne business. If you haven’t tried Arbonne I highly highly recommend it. I love the products I use and Christina is amazing to work with. So with that request we thought well lets get a family photo session in as well!  I love that we got to capture  some really great movements of Christina and her family. Little Charlie is just a doll and looking through the images you can see why I say this. Sadly our day was overcast but the green of the grass and trees I think makes up for this. what a fun shoot we had and I hope you all enjoy!

Carissa and Jason’s engagements

How do I start this post? The only thing that comes to my mind is WOW! I mean seriously excitement and WOW! The morning we had was chillier then we had hoped for but it really turned out to be to our advantage with gorgeous colors, blu skies, and a reason for the sweetest couple celebrating their engagement to be close to one another. I know the bride-to-be through my sister-in-law and I was seriously over the moon when asked me to be her photographer. I right to be excited, because we had so much fun adventuring in the woods, and then adventuring to the concrete woods (Downtown MPLS) to capture beautiful, fun, and romantic shots of these two. I am so excited to celebrate with you both and cannot wait till the wedding day!

Locations: Hidden Falls Park St. Paul, MN and the North Loop warehouse district of Minneapolis, MN

Baby Andrew

OK So about two months ago (I know it’s been awhile,) I had the privilege of photographing baby Andrew. If you haven’t read already I love to photograph babies, but even more I love to capture “real life moments” of baby. To me these real life moments are with the loved ones that surround baby; momma, daddy, siblings, or maybe the family fur baby. I love to capture any and all moments, but in my heart I really do love the real moments. Those real moments of happiness that show the true unconditional love that families have for this new tiny person that has been brought into this world. It truly warms my heart to see and I feel so blessed to know I get to capture this! This wonderful family of now five allowed me to really capture some of those moments and I am just so happy to share them with you.

Scarlet is One! It’s princess time!

OMG it’s already been a few months since I actually took these, that’s how crazy busy life has been around here!. Before we headed out on vacation, I was privileged to photograph the cutest baby girl, Scarlett, for her 1 year birthday. First of all the eyes on this little nugget are the biggest bluest eyes I have ever seen. I mean it’s just amazing. and she was such a great little model in front of the camera. Dressing up, wearing crowns and finishing off her shoot with some yummy cake. It was really too fun and I cannot wait to do more.

Baby Sydney!

There is nothing like kicking off a new year of photography with a new born baby photo session! I had the honor of capturing some real life moments for a family that I have known for quite some time. Having photographed there son when he was only a few months old made this session even more special. I have watched their son grow through the years and now to be able to capture this new addition to their family is such an amazing blessing! One of the things I love the most about photography is being able to capture families as they grow, and I think this sessions truly captures how amazing that is. Congrats to the Walter’s and welcome baby Sydney!

Fall mini sessions

Every fall I have mini sessions. I LOVE FALL in the upper midwest. the colors we get here are amazing and if your like me and figured out the best time when all the colors are at there peak it’ is amazing. Some of my sessions did have to reschedule for later but still we were able to capture the beautiful fall light that happens only in late October early November. it’s a different kind of light compared to the rest of the year that only if you from Minnesota or Wisconsin can you truly appreciate. I had so much fun with every family I photographed this fall and fee so blessed to be able to capture these moments in there lives.

The Pohmers

I had the privilege of photographing my dear friend, Anna, and her family this fall. She gathered her parents and brothers family to capture some family pictures. Of course she brought the Teepee! Let me talk about this for just a minute. I am OBSESSED with kids play forts and Teepees these days. You see I grew up with an Uncle who is Sioux indian and he had a legit Teepee in his backyard! it was pretty awesome. I personally love it for my kids because it allows for play to happen. for imagination and pretend and all the things that kids nowadays just don’t always understand because we are always “plugged in.” However, being outside and playing is where the real fun happens. I remember spending hours and hours out in the woods with my brother playing Ewoks or building forts, or just exploring. It might be a small thing but I LOVE that a small bit of fabric and wood can open the doors to imagination and boy did it ever with these kids. I had so much fun capturing their moments of play, giggles, and fun. It was truly magical. With magical light as our scene it was the epitome of making my heart full and happy.


The Murphey’s and a tea party

I cannot believe almost 2 months later I can finally get around to posting some of my fall sessions! Back in October we ventured to our dear friends house for a big ole family sleep over. We live just far enough apart where it just works out better to sometime have a big sleepover for the kids and the adults! the kids get to play the adults get to have a few drinks and just hang out and catch up with life. Randy is actually my husbands best friend and his wife Tricia has become a dear friend to me as well.

This time down to the Murphey house we decided it was that time of year to get in the family pics. I Love photographing this family. these girls of there are just the cutest and most fun girls. So obviously what else do you do when you have a pie of girly girls that love to do fun things? well you set up a princess tea party is what you do! Oh we had such a fun time setting everything up, playing, and capturing this amazing time in there lives when they can just pretend and create with nothing else in the world to hinder or bring them down. what an amazing fun time this was, and I am so glad to share with you all.

Jennifer and Jesse are Married!

A little earlier this fall I had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of Jennifer and Jesse. Jennifer and Jesse Are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. In the last month of prepping for their wedding they ran into a a few bumps in the wedding planning department literally about a month out from the big day. And if you have ever gotten married you understand that stress is not welcome guest that close to a wedding. Well God had other plans and brought them to me to help ease some of that stress. I was so happy and honored to help them document their big day. When a couple is as sweet and natural and just flat out in love you can’t help but feel absolute joy throughout the day as your shooting. I had such a blast documenting their wedding and am so thrilled to share some of my favorites!

Wedding Venue: Dellwood Country Club

Flowers: Lakeside Floral

Dress: The Wedding Shoppe

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