Kayla & Ben’s Wedding!

Kayla & Ben’s Wedding!

When Kayla came to me to do her engagements I was thrilled, but when she decided to also have me document her wedding day I was over the moon excited. I know most photographers assume if your doing engagements the wedding is a given, but when your clients fiance is in the military you don’t make those assumptions. So when I was asked I of course said yes! So over the next year Kayla was working crazy hard to finish up her degree and plan out her entire wedding all while Ben was deployed to serve for our country. During this time I got to know Kayla very wells Since she had taken up a job at my kids daycare and it was so fun getting to walk in and see Ms Kayla most days of the week. (I am telling you my oldest just loves her!) I have never met a more responsible, focused, caring, gracious and kind person in my whole life. Kayla is an amazing person to work with and be around. And all her hard work paid off and her wedding day came together beautifully.

The day of Ben and Kayla’s wedding was beautiful blue skies and very HOT. But let’s admit we all would rather have hot over rain so I was glad to feel the heat that day and ready to capture Ben and Kayla’s big day. I still remember walking into the salon as the girls were getting ready and thinking that Kayla was just glowing. I mean you could see her joy on her face, even without having had her her makeup applied yet this girl was just gorgeous and was radiating bride before the day had even fully began.

Once at the church our day began to swing into full effect diving into capturing every moment I could see, and having such a great time while doing it. After the ceremony we headed off to downtown Hudson, WI to relax and enjoy the celebrations while waiting for the reception to start. Being able to steal away the bride and groom for a few shots alone, which is always my favorite thing to do. In the chaos of a wedding party and the fun and loud commotion this is when I really love being able to step away and just have a few moment for the bride and groom to feel like themselves and have that moment without a million eyes staring and watching. This is what brings a literal smile to my face when I am shoot (like seriously I smile when I love the shots I am taking it is really funny to watch)

I can’t tell you how happy I was to be able to shoot a wedding at a local venue right in my hometown in Prescott, WI. There is something to be said about knowing where you are photographing and the familiar surroundings. The reception felt like a blur as Ben and Kayla celebrated there marriage with all their friends and family. Even my son got to come and see his favorite daycare teacher in her beautiful wedding dress and steal a few dances. I left feeling tired but filled with joy by the end of night. But there is really something to be said about knowing you brought a lasting memory into someones day and in return working with a couple like Ben and Kayla was one of the most amazing blessings I have had in a long time.

Congrats to Ben and Kayla!!!!